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H O T Kaesong City Center City of Pyongyang Uiju Air Base Imnam DamMausoleum of DangunKaechon AirfieldWorld's tallest flagpoleNorth Korean Rocket Launch SiteKaesong City CenterTongch'ang-dong Space Launch CenterCentral ZooArch of TriumphJuche TowerCity of PyongyangKim Il-Sung SquareKim Il Sung StadiumReunification ArchKumsusan Memorial PalaceRyugyong HotelRungnado May Day StadiumTanks?USS PuebloMilitary planes at Uiju military baseUnknown North Korean Memorial/MonumentUiju Air BaseSino-Korea Friendship BridgePartially constructed nuclear power plantBarracksMilitary base and naval vesselsFishing weirsTRANSIENT: Military hovercraftSongdowon International Children's Union CampMilitary hovercraftYongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center

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